have often means to own or posses

I have a computer

We have a small house

I dont have enough money to buy a car

What can you have

Breakfast,dinner,lunch,a meal

a party, a meeting,a good time

a lass,homework,a test,an exam,an apointment

a cup of coffe,a drink , a snack

a cold,the flu, a headache

Expressions with have

Have a nice day

Have a good trip

I have a brother and two sisters

she is going to have a baby

I want to learn to ski ,but I don't have time

Do you ever have troubles/problems



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I can read it   

Mom:jill  go  and play with your whistle outside.your father cant read his news paper.  

Jill:wow,I’m only 8 and I can read it.

 Have your lunch first

Do you have any thing to say before I pass sentence on you?

Yes ,your honor,I should like you to have your lunch first.”

Our new apartment

I like our new apartment ,but the neighbors can hear everything we say.

Well,why don’t you hang a heavy tapestry on the walls?

But then we couldn’t hear what the neighbors say.’’

The secret

Mrs.Brown:”she told me that you told her the secret I told you not to tell her.

Mrs.Green:The mean thing!I told her not to tell you I told her.

Mrs.Brown:well don’t tell her that I told you she told me.


She:You used to say that I was all the world to you.

He:Yes ,but I’ve learned a lot about geography since then. ”

I’m talking to my wife

Excuse me,but I’m in a hurry!You’ve had that phone twenty minutes and not said a word!”

Sir ,I’m talking to my wife.”

The wrong answer

Math teacher:If you multiplied  1,386 by 395,what would you get?

Student:The wrong answer.”

A job for the groom 
You mean to say you were not at your own daughter’s wedding?

Where were you? I was looking for a job for the groom.

An Elevator

A little girl was describing her first experience in an elevator .

We got in to a little room .She said”and the upstairs came down.







دیکشنری آنلاین

دیکشنری آنلاین

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When you are away I am so aloneمردد

You are in village and me in town

I am crying, you are working a lot

I can`t do anything, I can`t taught


Come to get together, we can live well

Just show off,, let others tell

You are strong, you are clean

A big house where we can live inگریه


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Nora's little brother

Nora was sixteen years old.Sha had a little brother.Her brother's name was Jim.Jim was sometimes naughtly,but he made Nora laugh a lot,and she loved him and was always very nice to him.

One afternoon she was walking from her house to the store when she was a small boy runnig along the street towards her.He was going very fast.When he came near her,she was surprised to see it was Jim

Hi"Jim,Nora shouted to him.Why are you runing like that?Jim didn't stop,but he waved to his sister and shouted,I'm trying to stop two boys from fighting."Nora was surprised again.She laughed and said,"That's an important job for a little boy,isn't it?You dont do things like that very offten

Who are the two boys?They're Tom and me,"answered Jim as he continued runing down the street very quickly. 

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There's a tree out side my window

whose branches keep me cool

There's a tree whose branches beckon
while on my way to school

There's a tree upon the hillside
whose roots run long and deep

There's a tree beside a river

whose branches bend and weep

There's a tree up on the hilltop

In which the songbids nest

There's a tree deep in the jungle

In which the monkeys rest

There's a tree beside the desert

whose branches provide shade

There's a tree beside the seaside

In which a home is made

by Mike Murphy

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would you like one?=would you like a chocolate?

one=a/an...=a chcolate/an apple ,etc



which one(hat) do you want?

this one./that one

which one?=which that



which ones(flowers,etc) do you want?

The white ones.



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(Simple Present)
در زبان انگلیسی به سه طریق زمان حال ساده شناخته می شود:

الف: اگر عملی در زمان های مشخص تکرار شود فعل آن جمله زمان حال ساده است که اغلب با قیود every week , every day و ... به کار می رود.

I go to school everyday.
I go to Rasht every week.
I study a book every night.
We eat Omlet every week.
They come here every day.

he always comes late.
They always go mountaine climbing.
She often works at the weekend.
It's often difficult to translate poetry.
This type of accident happens often
I often go to his house 
Women usually live longer than men.
Usually I wear black shirt.
The drive usually takes 15 or 20 minutes.


ادامه مطلب
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What is a paragraph

A paragraph is a group of about 6-12 sentences about one topic.Every sentence in a strong paragraph is about the same topic.All of the sentences explain the writers main idea(most important idea)about the topic

Topic sentence

In academic writing a paragraph has a topic sentence that directly tells the reader the main idea.The other sentences in a paragraph called,supporting sentences,give more information about the topic.In academic English,the topic sentence is usually  first or last

Read this paragraph about a student's first job.what is the topic

A.working in a labratory

B.getting my first job

C.what my first job taught me


My first job was a sales clerck in a small clothing shop.It wasn't difficult jop and it wasn't realy an interesting jop .Every weekend I had to open the store at 10 a.m.I couldn't be late I helped customers find clothes and I kept the store neat  and clean.This thing all taught me responsibility.Now I work in a research labratory.I don,t work with clothing anymore,but I still use that important skill I learned in my first jop

Wich sentences could be conected to the paragraph?write conected or unconected

1.........I answered the phone and open the mail

2...........On weekday I did my homeworks for school

3................I learned how to choose and order new clothing

4..........A lab assistant is a good job for me

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ادامه مطلب
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verbs of movement


You take a bus/train/taxi/plane,and you take the subway

You ride a bicycle/train/motorcycle/horse

The pilot flies a plane

you arrive in or at a place.not to a place


The train arrived in Tokyo on time

The plane arrived at Kenedy Aiirport two hours late

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When you leave someone usually you both say goodbye or maybe see you later or take care

When someone goes to bed you usually say good night you can also say sleep well

If you ask for something you often say please

If someone does sth nice for you say thank you or thanks then they say you're welcome

If someone sneezes,you often say bless you

Say excuse me if you want to get someone's attention

say sorry If you make a mistake or hear a bad news

If someone is going to do sth(something)difficult say goodluck

If someone has done sth special say congratulations


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